Kansas Chess Association

The Kansas Chess Association (KCA) is an official State Affiliate of the United States Chess Federation (USCF). The USCF has delegated to each State Affiliate the responsibility for sponsoring and holding (or arrange for) the Official State Tournaments to determine State Championships, including Scholastic Championships.  As such, the annual Kansas Open determines the State Champion and the KCA appointed Kansas Scholastic Chess Association (KSCA) holds all official Scholastic State Championships







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KCA Support for TD's/Organizers 
The KCA will reimburs TD's/Organizers who make their events a KCA event. This means you require KCA memberships for Kansas residents in their events. The KCA will reimburse TD's/Organizers $50 per event. You may use this three times during the calendar year. To collect, submit/email a copy of your USCF crosstable alongwith completed memberships forms to the KCA President. You must also submit the dues collected to any KSCA Officer. Players can also pay KCA dues online. Non-Kansas residents playing in your event are not required to join the KCA. The KCA Membership list is "live", so use it to determine if KCA memberships are current. Your event will be considered a "KCA Event" and submit it to the clearinghouse to be listed. You could also make it part of the Kansas Grand Chess Tour
If yopu are interested in TD experience, contact the KCA about assisting at a local event.