Kansas Chess Association

The Kansas Chess Association (KCA) is an official State Affiliate of the United States Chess Federation (USCF). The USCF has delegated to each State Affiliate the responsibility for sponsoring and holding (or arrange for) the Official State Tournaments to determine State Championships, including Scholastic Championships.  As such, the annual Kansas Open determines the State Champion and the KCA appointed Kansas Scholastic Chess Association (KSCA) holds all official Scholastic State Championships







About the KC
The Kansas Chess Association is a Kansas Non-profit Organization which is
the official Kansas affiliate for the US Chess Federationa, which is the 
organization that represents the United States of America for FIDE, the 
international Federation of Chess.

The Kansas Chess Association is responsible for the state titles and 
tournaments. The Kansas Open, which is usually in July, determines the 
Kansas Champion for the year.  The Kansas Chess Association has granted 
the KSCA (Kansas Scholastic Chess Association) the authority to determine
the scholastic qualifiers for the Denker, Barber, Rockefeller and Haring
scholastic national tournaments. 

The Kansas Chess Association has an annual meeting on Sunday morning of 
the Kansas Open every year. Three officers are elected, President,
Vice President and Secretary.  The treasurer is appointed by the President.

A revised constitution was adopted at a special meeting on Dec 17, 2022.

To be a member of the Kansas Chess Association one must pay yearly dues.